Is Almay Cruelty-Free and Vegan in 2022?

Almay makeup has been here for a while.

And with time, its popularity has only grown. As a makeup brand, it has received love and support globally across countries. Its makeup remover is still a staple product in people’s skincare routine.

If you keep finding yourself opting for Almay products over the other ones available on the market, well, you are not alone. This is the story of hundreds of makeup lovers.

So today, let us find out if Almay is cruelty-free and vegan in 2020 or not! What say?

Is Almay Cruelty-Free?

No. Sadly, Almay is not cruelty-free. The brand claims to not conduct product testing on animals, but it does allow third parties to do so. That is, if the law requires it to.

Now, nowhere on Almay’s website will you find this statement. It brands itself as cruelty-free. But we all know the loophole. Being sold in countries where animal testing is required by means that a brand is not cruelty-free.

About Almay

The brand’s journey began back in 1931. The naming was quite interesting- Almay is a merge between the names of the founders, Fanny and Alfred May Woititz. The brand emerged from Fanny’s desire and need for makeup products suitable for her sensitive skin. And when her husband Alfred, a chemist, joined in- this gentle line of makeup was formed.

Almay was one of the first to tend to the makeup needs for sensitive skin. In fact, it was the first brand to promote skin care safety through the inclusion of ingredients list. The brand heavily focused on creating makeup safe for allergies and skin irritation.

Another thing the brand was the first to promote was skin type specific makeup and makeup for contact lens wearers.

Currently, it is a global brand in serving all skin types, especially sensitive ones.

Is Almay Owned by a Parent Company?

Yes. Almay is owned by a parent company. Revlon acquired the brand in 1987, and under the company Almay has expanded into several makeup and skincare lines.

Revlon is a multinational company based in the USA. It specializes in fragrance, skincare, beauty and other personal care brands.

Testing Policy: Does Almay Test on Animals?

According to the brand’s website, it does not. It claims to never test on animals, and that it has been over 20 years since it declared to give up animal testing.

However, the brand does conduct animal testing through third parties if the law requires it to. Especially while selling in countries that require pre or post-market animal testing:

Does Almay Sell in China?

Yes. Almay sells in China. In fact, its parent company Revlon is quite big in China. This contradicts with Almay’s claim to be cruelty-free. It is not free of animal testing entirely, now it seems.

If you do not know, China is a country that requires imported products to be tested on animals by law. Sometimes whitelisted products are not tested pre-market, but they are tested post market.

Is Almay Certified by PETA?

No! Almay is not certified by PETA, regardless of its cruelty-free claims. Funnily enough, the brand is actually listed as one that tests on animals!

Here is what you will find out about Almay when you visit PETA’s website:



Is Almay Vegan?

No. Almay is not entirely a vegan brand. That means some of their products may contain ingredients derived from animals or animal by-products.

So if you are a vegan like me, do check the ingredients list of the Almay product that you are buying.

Is Almay Gluten-Free?

Almay, as a brand, is not 100 percent free of gluten. But it offers a few products that are free of gluten.

So in case you want to buy a product by Almay, check the list of ingredients to avoid any allergic reaction.

Is Almay Paraben-Free?

No. The brand offers a few products free of parabens, but it is not completely a paraben-free brand.

The best way to figure out if the Almay product you are buying is paraben-free or not is to do your research. And of course, check the label.

Is Almay Hypoallergenic?

Yes! Almay is entirely a hypoallergenic brand, you can count on it to be safe for you as it is not only approved by dermatologists but also ophthalmologists.



Alternative Brands to Almay

Of course, you will need an alternative brand to Almay if you are against animal cruelty.

And you should not worry, because I got not one, but two alternative brands for you! Check these out!

  • 100% Pure: This is a cruelty-free brand that is also completely vegan! Its products are also all natural, so of course they will be good to your skin. I am sure you will love using its fruit dyed makeup!
  • RMS Beauty: Another cruelty-free and vegan gem of a beauty brand. It uses all organic ingredients, so that is definitely an attractive side to the brand. And if that is not enough to attract you, its recyclable and minimalistic packaging sure will!

Fact Check

I am very big on reminding people all the facts I know about a brand. So, in this section I will go over all the facts I have learned about Almay!

  • Regardless of its claims, Almay is not cruelty-free.
  • Allows animal testing on its products if the local market law requires it to.
  • Sells in mainland China.
  • Owned by parent company Revlon, which is also not cruelty-free.
  • Not certified by PETA.
  • Not completely vegan, but does offer a few vegan products.
  • A few of its products are gluten-free and paraben-free.
  • It is a completely hypoallergenic brand!


We are now at the end of the article! So what are you going to do with your Almay products? Hopefully you will replace them with the alternatives I suggested. Feel free to look up for more ethical alternatives!

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