Is Avene Cruelty-Free and Vegan in 2022?

Well, I know that you must be eager to know all about Avene.

It is a brand that is quite raved about. From skincare products to sun care- you name it! All its products are well loved by consumers from a wide range of ages. A lot of people swear by Avene’s Thermal Spring Water.

For many people, Avene is the foundation of their skincare routine. Which is why it is important to make sure if Avene is cruelty-free and vegan in 2020 or not.

If you are wondering about it, you have come to the right place! Keep reading!

Is Avene Cruelty-Free?

No. Avene is not cruelty-free. It says that it does not test on animals as per the European Cosmetics Legislation. However, it does allow its products to be tested on animals if the law requires it to.

That means, even if the third parties conduct those tests, Avene is still accountable for cruelty against animals. There is no question in that!

About Avene

The story of Avene goes back as far as 1736. Yes, you read that right! When the therapeutic properties of the Orb River in Avene were found, it was a great revelation. Following that, in 1743, Marquis de Rocozel built the first Avene Thermal Spring water baths.

There, he welcomed patients with various skin diseases. By 1772, the therapeutic properties of the Thermal Spring were known by all. So much so, that it was medically recommended by the Montpellier Academy of Medicine.

What started at water baths and being bottled across countries, is now a world known brand. Besides the Thermal Spring Water, the brand now has a range of skincare that includes face, body, and sun care.

Is Avene Owned by a Parent Company?

Yes! Avene is owned by Pierre Fabre Laboratories. It purchased Avene Hydrotherapy Center in 1975. Pierre Fabre Laboratories is a private pharmaceutical company that is the second largest in France.

This multinational entity is present in around 130 countries. It has its headquarters in France, in the city of Castres.

Testing Policy: Does Avene Test on Animals?

According to the brand, it does not test on animals as per the European Cosmetics Regulation, CE Regulation 1223/2009. It claims that neither individual ingredients nor the finished products are tested on animals.

However, if the law of any local market or country requires, Avene allows third parties to conduct animal testing on their products.

Does Avene Sell in China?

Yes! Avene products are sold in China. Although its website does not mention it, its products are available in Mainland China.

Which explains why they are not cruelty-free as I said earlier. They are profiting off a market that conducts either pre or post-market animal testing. And being sold in China is an example of that.

Is Avene Certified by PETA?

No, Avene is not certified by PETA, Leaping Bunny or any other organization of similar cause.

That is quite obvious. It is in no way a cruelty-free brand. So there is no chance of PETA approving of the brand, right?

Is Avene Vegan?

No. Avene is not completely a vegan-friendly brand. Some of its products contain ingredients derived from animals, or animal by-products.

If you are a vegan, you must be careful. In case you want to buy Avene products, be sure to check the list of ingredients to be safe!

Is Avene Gluten-Free?

Many of Avene’s products are free of gluten. But Avene, as a brand, does not entirely offer gluten free products.

In case you are allergic, you must carefully check the label on the product you are purchasing!

Is Avene Paraben-Free?

No. The brand is not 100 percent paraben-free. But many of their products are free of parabens and other harsh ingredients.

Their Very Sensitive Skin range offers products that are free of parabens. You can check it out if you want to!



Is Avene Hypoallergenic?

Some of Avene’s products are hypoallergenic, yes. But the brand cannot be confirmed to be 100 percent hypoallergenic.

One of their hypoallergenic products is the Skin Recovery Cream, which is also free of animal-derived ingredients:

Link- Click Here!

Alternative Brands to Avene

Since Avene is not cruelty-free, are you looking for an alternative?
Then I will be suggesting you two of them, make sure to check them out!

  • Supergoop: This is a great brand if you are in search of some top notch skincare and sun care. This will easily replace Avene products for you. Especially the sun protection by Supergoop is something most people swear by! And it is also cruelty-free!
  • The Body Shop: For my pals with sensitive skin, this is a good option. The Body Shop is cruelty-free and mostly vegan. And their skincare range is humongous! Be sure to put some of their hair care stuff in your cart as well!

Fact Check

So, this is where we do a roundup of all the facts that we have learned about Avene. This will help you find all the relevant information in one place if you ever come back and want to take a quick look.

From this article, we know that:

  • Avene is not a cruelty-free Brand.
  • Despite of its claims to not test on animals, it does allow such tests if the law requires.
  • Owned by Pierre Fabre Laboratories since 1975.
  • Sells in Mainland China. Which means its products are tested on animals there. Be it pre or post-market.
  • The Brand is not completely vegan. But it has some products that are vegan.
  • Not completely gluten-free, but has a whole range of products that are.
  • Not 100 percent hypoallergenic. But some Avene products are hypoallergenic.


So, how do you feel knowing that a brand as huge as Avene is not cruelty-free? Sucks, right? Well, I never said that choosing ethical beauty would come without heartbreak.

But, I am here always to help you make ethical decisions in beauty. So let us find more good stuff in this journey together!

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