Is Nivea Cruelty-Free and Vegan in 2022?

I think that Nivea is one of those brands that the 90s kids have grown up using. I cannot speak for the older generations though. But this should explain what tremendously popular this brand is.

While talking about Nivea, what must be mentioned are its creams and moisturizers. If you ask someone to pick one product from this brand that they love, most will pick its creams.

Of course, you are allowed to love a brand as much as you want. But have you wondered, if Nivea is cruelty-free and vegan in 2021? Well, you should!

Is Nivea Cruelty-Free?

No. Nivea is not cruelty-free. It allows third parties to conduct animal testing on its products when required. It also sells in the country(s) that require animal testing done on imported products by law.

So, it is pretty obvious that Nivea is by no means, cruelty-free. Not a single spec of doubt in that.

About Nivea

Paul Carl Beiersdorf founded Nivea in 1886 in Germany. By 1906, it had opened its first overseas branch, in London. By then it had already become a popular brand. Its name had spread overseas and the brand name had established itself well in the market.

In 1911, a new product was introduced by the brand that revolutionized what creams and moisturizers had meant. It was the Nivea Cream, first of its kind that was a stable water-in-oil emulsion.

Because it had become such a celebrated brand, a change in packaging was much needed. Behold, came the classic blue tin. Nivea still rules the game in that packaging. As of now, Nivea is available globally and is one of the top choices among people!

Is Nivea Owned by a Parent Company?

Yes. Nivea is owned by a parent company. It is called Beiersdorf Global AG which is a German multinational company based in Hamburg, Germany.

Even though the company was sold to Oscar Troplowitz, Beiersdorf bought it back after the Second World War. Beiersdorf owns a lot of other brands including Eucerin, but it itself has most of its shares owned by Maxingvest AG.

Testing Policy: Does Nivea Test on Animals?

Yes. Its website states that it does not conduct animal testing, and its affiliates share the same stance against animal cruelty. But it does allow third parties to conduct animal testing when required.



It says that as a brand, it does not conduct the test itself. Regardless, it is allowing and profiting off markets that test its products on animals.

Does Nivea Sell in China?

Yes. Nivea is sold in Mainland China. The brand is widely available in the country and is popular there.

Which only reinstates the fact that Nivea allows Chinese authorities to test its products on animals. And in return, it earns a hefty profit from the Chinese market.

Is Nivea Certified by PETA?

No. As Nivea is not cruelty-free, it is not recognized or certified by PETA as one. Any other similar organization, such as Leaping Bunny, does not certify the brand as well.

When you search for Nivea on PETA’s website, this is what you will find:



Even PETA says that the brand is not cruelty-free, so you should have no doubt!

Is Nivea Vegan?

No. Nivea is not 100% vegan. That means some of its products can contain ingredients that have been derived from animals, or animal by-products.

I would suggest a vegan like me to carefully read the list of ingredients. But I would not buy from a brand that is not cruelty-free to begin with, so there is that.

Is Nivea Gluten-Free?

Not entirely. Nivea uses some gluten ingredients in its products, if not in all of them. But a risk remains as the brand itself warns consumers of cross contamination.

Checking the list of ingredients is your safe bet. But here are some of the gluten ingredients that Nivea claims to use:



Is Nivea Paraben-Free?

No, it is not. Some of its products contain parabens. Nivea says no ingredient that is harmful or intolerable is used in its products. It also says that about 70 percent of its products are free of parabens.



Do check the label of each product you want to buy or reach out to the brand if you need to.

Is Nivea Hypoallergenic?

No. The brand is not completely hypoallergenic. It is unsure if it offers hypoallergenic products. But Nivea does have a range of products specifically designed for sensitive skin.

You want to buy something but have concerns regarding its hypoallergenic state? I suggest you contact the brand and inquire about the product you are interested in.

Alternative Brands to Nivea

Want to replace Nivea and go for something cruelty-free and vegan?

I got you! I am here with 2 alternatives to Nivea that you can choose from.

  • Desert Essence: It is a cruelty-free brand that has some great personal care items. Its body care products are bound to replace Nivea for good! And the price range is also quite reasonable in my opinion. But check it out for yourself!
  • Pacifica: I love this brand so much! It is also vegan besides being cruelty-free. Pacifica offers a lot of stuff- from skincare and makeup to even underarm wipes! No reason not to love it. Take your shot!

Fact Check

Looks like we have arrived at the ultimate point of this article- the final fact check! Let us have an overview of the facts we have learned.

  • Nivea is not cruelty-free.
  • Does not test its products on animals but allows third parties to do so.
  • Owned by Beiersdorf Global AG.
  • Sells in China.
  • Not 100 percent vegan.
  • Not completely free of gluten and is not hypoallergenic.
  • Most of its products are paraben-free, but not all.


A brand like Nivea that is so well loved and a staple in most people’s daily routine is hard to let go off.

But you must remind yourself of the ethical implications of your purchase. Indulge in cruelty-free and vegan brands- they are better!

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